Started out as a mere 25m2 humble fruit store in 1992, we have never stopped nurturing our passion in local fruits, vegetables and seafood from all parts of Indonesia, as well as interesting delicacies from other part of the globe. Our curiosity, obsession for foods and the trust of loyal customers slowly bring us who we are today.

Hokky Fruit

Years of specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables have shaped us to become who we are today: One of the respected retailers with INTEGRITY and HONESTY. Our founder, management team and staffs have poured their time and soul to seek the finest produce and goods available, by inspecting products directly at its source; some are planted organically in our own farm and the rest through external ethical farms, in order to ensure that we deliver what we have promised.

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The member will receive information of new products, special price and all kinds of store promotion through mailers.